4 jan. 2011

1927 Ford hotrod for sale

You got to love this unrestored 1927 hotrod built in 1953.
My good old friend Pål want to pass it away to a new home.

Here are som words from its owner:

From my understanding, the 27 touring was restored to original in 1951. Then in 1953 the owner purchased a low 29K mileage mint 1940 V8 60 pick up truck and put all the drivetrain, brakes, steering components into the 27 touring. All of that took place in Redwood City CA.
Tub is more or less untouched since 53. Paint and chrome tells a story.

The tub is now located in Norway.
Contact me on my email or leave a comment and Ill pass the owners email or phone# to you.

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