30 sep. 2013

My Fully Crome -49 Panhead Chopper

Yes once I had a chrome panhead frame, I was fuckin stupid enough to dip it and remove the chrome for a -49 pan bobber project I was working on at that moment.
Corner in Sinners was upset when I told him what I had done.
 He said things like you did must "stävjas" I dont know what that means but it doesnt sound good.

I regret it the same moment I did it, Thought that this frame would be great on a awsome patina chrome chopper.
I started building a bike in my head.

Started with  an old chopper frame I had laying in the barn. Hung it up on the wall and started collecting parts for the mock up.
I had an RL I-beam springer and a set of chrome 18 inch wheel an old chrome gastank.
My dad used the same tank on his chopper he had in the early 70´s. a friend of mine gave me an chrome oilbag. borrowed a right knuckle engine case and had some cans and heads for a mock up.

This was the start for the totally chromed chopper. added parts as I found them. a old crome tripple tree for risers a white bates , Lee clutch pedal and a repoop Triumph rear fender.
It started to find its self but still to less chrome.
 After a year and a half I took it down on the floor as I had found a good -49 pan case ,chrome linkert M74 with an old Roth chrome aluminum aircleaner that had been bolted together since atleast the early 70´s!

I aslo changed the style on the exaust. made it narrower together.

Still needed more chrome as the bike I had built in my head.
Started with a borrowed VL chrome springer it made the bike look good.
The hunt was on,
I found a good old  z bar.

More parts found its way, my way.
A old chrome rear wassel fender , white Beck grips to match the Bates saddle, white kick pedal and brake pad.
A set of chrome Superior pipes, the chrome -37 knucke camcover ,21 inch front wheel with an stepped hub just like i wanted it. And ofcourse an patina chrome VL Springer.
And the last missing main piece.
The sissybar.
Made by my pal LeBeef. it was on a knucke Nicke svensson had I he let my buy it!
Now it starts to looke like an old chopper. 

But something was missing.
A fully chrome chopper needed something I had once the thing that I removed the chrome from!!!
The frame.

I started searching for another frame. And I found one!! In Tennessee.
 From an old chopper that used to have a knuckle as its heart.
some ripped the heart out and took the good parts and left the frame...for me!

A few weeks ago the frame arrived to Sweden. and it was PERFECT!

So I had to rip my mockup appart and change frames so it would be complete.
The more parts added to the new frame , the more my dream bike came to life.

I was stunned as I could see my bike I started with 2½ years earlier in my head now stands in front of me in my garage. A fully chromed patina Chopper.

The Sissybar that Beef built had an real glas eye in it.
My plan Is to put one of my grandpa´s old glas eyes in it so my grandpa can keep an eye on me while im riding free.

The chassie is all there, at the moment Lindblom a good friend of mine is rebuilding my tranny and im waiting for Totte in Sinners to do the machining on my pan cases so I can add my 4½ stroker crank in it.

Here is a result that dreams might come alive If you just want something. Work really hard and you will get there!

They say , chrome wont take you home. Fuck that.
Chrome will bring me whereever I want!

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