25 sep. 2013

Flathead Ford Highrise Intakes

I am a small collector of theses fantastic highrise intakes made for the flathead Ford engines.
I prefer all the prewar stuff and we all know they dont show up everyday.
The highrise intakes was made during the postwar time to but after 1948-49 most of the intakes where low.

My collection has these intakes so far. and they all gonna be used on my cars. Not collecting dust on a shelf.

start from the left:
Thickstun pm7 with original Thickstun aircleaner -made around 1941
Edelbrock blockletter Regular the early version  - made around 1946-48
Edelbrock blockletter Slingshot X 2! The first intake Vic ever made - around 1940
Weiand  tall , the first intake Phil weiand made - around 1941
Thickstun  the first intake Tommy thickstun did - made around 1937

One more prewar intake is on its way home. ill get back with more info then!

If anyone out there has any highrise or prewar intakes for sale!
Even broken ones or without any name.
Im looking to find a Eddie Meyer waterheated highrise intake if anyone got any for sale.
Please let me know, send email to:

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