11 juni 2013

The Resurrection & Death

....Of my Pheaton.

For those of you wo follows my blog remember the Mystery box that arrived a week ago.

A restored flathead V8 engine I took home by flying it to save time.

it was an engine with 4000Km on it since restored , out of  a 1940 Ford coupe.

I couldnt have an engine that was red so I had to grind of the paint and paint it Ford green.

while it was in parts I inspected the hole thing execpt the bearings.

It all looked good. and I installed a set of original Edelbrock blockletter heads and a Edelbrock slingshot intake.

Now it started to look like a hotrod engine!

I fired it up a day before Jokers #10 car & bike show. and it ran like a kitten.

drove it in town during the day and everything worked well.

Until the the day after when I drove to  Jokers.

I drove for an half an hour and it stated to bang inside the engien and I realized it must be a main bearing or so. So I stopped the car and felt on the oil pan and it was hotter then hell.. something was really messed up inside. What I think it is a main bearing thats broken.

 so I was luckey thet my good friend Christer was with me to tow it back to Gothenburg.

Now it just sits in my garage waiting for me to get strength to start taking it apart...again.

Thank´s Christer for the help!

I took my daily driver back to Jokers and pics from the show will come as soon as I can have gone trough them all.

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