19 juni 2013

The Last Jokers Car And Bike Show #10 - Pictures - Part 1


The last Jokers -ever.
An era is over.
10 years of good party and I had the privilege of  be there to 5 of them.

This year was a blast.
Lots and lots of awsome bikes, and cars. and ofcourse meet up with all your good old friends.

My pheaton broke down on the way up to jokers this year so I was out of a good ride this year.
Luckey as I was my good friend Josef lend me his pan chopper during the weekend.

I spent alot hours just drinking beer and talked shit just as you should do during a weekend like this.

I dont have words for the weekend I just let the pictures speak by themself.
Ill start with the friday pics today and let the sathurday pics go out tomorrow as I had way to much pics this year.

Thank you dudes and dudetts of the Jokers family for these years!!

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