13 maj 2013

Full Moon Party At The Coupe Devils Garage

Last weekend I went to Norway for a swapmeet and to meet up my friends in Coupe Devils.

the swap sucked as. It rained all day and everyone had cover their tables.

After the swapmeet I hooked up with Terje and we was looking in hi´s 2 garages.

He is working on a 32 3w from south africa! and just bought himself a 34 roadster thats been trough a fire... need some tlc.

Later on Sondre and olav met up with us. we drove to Sondres house for some bbq and beer drinking in hi´s new house.
Damn nice place bro!

After a while we took a cab down to the coupe devils garage. Tom and Lisa was allready there.
It was a party all night long , we even manage to take a cab  downtown to see a band playing (Skogen brinner)  and drink some more beer.

later on we went back to the garage.

I think the pic´s tells the rest of the story for the night.

We had such a blast!!

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