19 maj 2013

Dusters playground Borlänge

Last weekend I took a ride north to leave my Halibrand quickchange to Johan Djurberg for restoration.

Took the  rest of the weekend of to my brothers in borlänge to see whats going on.

Mike and Ronnie put me into work while they where working on Mikes new project a 1928 AR roadster on a 32 frame!
We had to do an engine swap.
Ronnie wanted the 100hp flathead out of his 32 roadster ....and I helped him putting it in the car a year ago.

He needed that engine in his 40 Merc instead and the 21 bold LB engine I borrowed last year when my engine broke down back in his 32 roadster.  we had a good night spending time doing what we do best.

Build hotrods and drinking beer.

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