12 mars 2013

The 1949 Panhead Resurrection

 Today I fired up my 49 panhead. It has been under restoration since 2008... I got sick and tired of this bike many times.
 This is how it started its life i my ownership. it was a ugly bike with alot of wrong parts. I took it apart just after a couple of weeks for a fast restoration...The things I saved from this bike was the engine  case, tranny and gastank and one star hub. the rest was sold of.
I did not plan it would take nearly 5 years until I could fire it up again!
Started with a better frame and a springer and the saddel from my old 45´ harley.  Prepped everything for top paint myself.
 started to reasembly I parkerized alot of the parts for a better and original look.

 The chassie was all done i a pair of months. I had  to wait for the engine away longer.

Almoust done. But still, this pic is taken alittle over a year before  the top pic as i took today.
It has just been sitting under some rags in my garage waiting for me to get inspiration. The last week I finally got some.
I have been working with the last parts like hook up all the wires and fix the lights and gas petcock ,  and today I filled it up with gas and it came to life.

Feels kind of good to hear its heart beat again!

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