21 jan. 2013

One life ends - A new one begins Part 2

Yesterday I showed you all the pics of when i had this 32 fram in a framejig and riveted it back together.
When i got back i started to make the frame to a roller as quick as I could as I had parts spread out way to much in the garage so I couldnt work in there!

I started using the rear end I bought from my buddy Wayne in canada. This rear end will later get the Halibrand culver city quickchange center.
I wanted to use the old chrome heavy axle I had in the old chassie so I had to take the hole thing apart to get just the axle. and I needed the wishbone from the 32 roadster chassie so had to take that apart as well and to put it all together again I needed another heavy for as the one I was putting back on the old chassie was tweaked.
But finally i got all parts I needed får the patina chassie. I used the old chrome 32 spindles I got with the chrome heavy when I bought it several years ago just added new kingpins and berings! I also took the pedal setup from the old chassie and scrapedof the old disgusting green paint that was all over it. All brake parts has been gone trough and put on the new chassie so this will be great on the road!

Soon came the moment to lift of the body from the old chassie and add it to the new.
I felt bad that I took my dear roadster apart. it was ready to hit the road a week earlier.
 But it deservs a new start whit new chassie,rearend , tranny and engine!
As soon as it was on the new chassie I had to cut a hole in the floor to let the model a crossmember stick trough. It is now lower then before and stands more straight! just like I wanted it.
I had good help from my byddys natalie and david and ofcourse my girlfriend was there as a withness and held company with Mike from A-Bombers car club.
Now I can start reaseble the 32 roadster on my old chassie.
That old chassie started its life as a Tudor , had a 28 roadster for a while and now it ends up with a Henry 32 roadster! And I can finally get some space in the garage as the more parts is going back to the cars.
It took 3 weeks of my life with some hard working to get her, but I do feel alittle calm by now.

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  1. Snyggt! Blir väl färdig till Tme travel meet II...? /Pinge