20 jan. 2013

One life ends - A new one begins Part 1

The last two weeks has been bizzy as hell.
I decided to use the frame from my 32 roadster under my 28 roadster as the patina was right for my car.
I started the 28 raodster up for the last time in that shape.
Next time she will have a completly new build chassie and drivetrain.

So I started to take the frame of the 32 roadster and take it up to Borlänge to my brother Ronnie to use a contruction to check if the frame was straight and to rivet it back together as all frameparts where bolted togheter.
I broght back the 36 LB engine I borrow from Ronnie last summer as mine broke down. Took it all on a trailer and hit the road trough Sweden.
When I finally got there I just had to start take it all apart and start straighten the frame horns up as they where tweaked alot! Even the rear part over the rearend was bent out and needed to come back.

We borrowed a perfect tool for this operation. A Induction heater! what a tool!
When everything was done with the frame rail we had to start working on the rear crossmember.
Im gonna use a Halibrand CulverCity 101 quickchange in the rear so thats why Im using a model a crossmember. And it needs alot of work to make it fit the 32 rails. You can see in the pictures how we made it fit. Looks pretty good when we where done!

Then we had to start rivet it back together again we where in a hurry because everything had to be done in a weekend and I got there by noon on friday.
Ronnie and I started by our self and heating up the rivets and bang it but we got help during the day by Stefan and Andreas! and that saved us alot of time working.
By 10 pm everything was done. And we could load my trailer and I could leave in the morning after.

It was a stressfull weekend but in good company of friends and ofcourse alot of beer you can make it! Thanks for everything dudes!

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