14 nov. 2012

Peter Pan , The Old Man And The Hobo.

I spent a week in Grantville, Pa with my friend Zach Zuhr during the Hershey swapmeet.

We where walking all day long at the swap and had bbq and beer at his garage at night.
Not much sleep during that week, way to much tire kickin and hotrod talking.
But we had a blast in Zach garage!

Thursday night , my awsome old friend Brucie Aydelotte should show up but he didnt.
He fell a sleep at his motel instead... But!   he came the day after and we had to immortalize that day with this picture.

Zachs wife was laughing and called us  Peter pan , the old man and the hobo.

I guess she was right..  But I just see  buddy´s 4 life.

1 kommentar:

  1. Martin, min Kompis! I am so sorry that I fell asleep from total exhaustion on Thursday night at Hershey.....but happy to have spent other times with you and P.A. at the swap meet and back at Zach's Friday night......you are a wonderful friend and I am very excited to be coming back to Sweden next summer and we can hang more then!! I love you, man.....

    Din Kompis, Brucie