11 nov. 2012

Getting my 1932 roadster home. Part I

My roadster was picked up yester day.
Or my roadster woodie.
Most of the body is made of wood at the moment. I have the rest of the body parts in that box.
Its hard to pic up a car in parts in america.
Atleast when you need to ship it home to sweden.
The first picture showes a chaos in my penske truck where I stached the car in parts.
Then me and my dad made it to a roller and built that crate for all the parts , goood to have for all parts I bought for it at Hershey! It was a high high boy before we loaded the rest of the parts..

A trailer took the car away from my buddy  Zachs yard yesterday and brought it to New Jersey.
I hope it will survive home. No more storms at the east coast now, thank you.
So now Im just waiting to hear when they gonna ship it out and I guess I will have the roadster in Sweden in the beginning of year 2013!
Nearly 1 year after I bought it!

Thanks for all the help Zach. I could not have done it without your help.

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