29 juni 2011

Fücker chopper fest 16 july

Not much time left. see ya at the Fücker pre party!!


22 juni 2011

1943 Navy Knucklehead

How many of you out there have ever seen a 1943 F knucklehead?

I found this old girl in a garage somewhere in scandinavia.
It will be restored as it was as new. A navy knuckle.
The coolest thing is that the owner even got its original NAVY BLUE SPEEDOMETER!
how cool isnt that?! Not a thing you find at every swapmeet.
It will be painted navy blue and white as it was new. I dont think many of these navy bikes survided, even how many where produced in 1943?? If anyone knows , please let me know.

I have a plan for this machine..in my garage.

21 juni 2011

Klas Wigren´s unrestored 1949 panhead

This bike was brought from america to sweden by a sailor in 1953.
this bike is totally unrestored, unless the cylinders. They are bored 0.10 over.
Everything on this bike is oem harley.Even the paint is original.
Nothing you see everyday.
And he likes to use the bike aswell!

Klas got a sweet Mercury 1939 convertible custom. I will get back to that car when I get some pics of it.

20 juni 2011

Hotrods at Harper´s lake 1938

These nice pics are taken at Harpers lake in august 1938. Enyoj!

17 juni 2011

Belly Tank Trike

A sweet mix of two worlds: hotrods and motorcycles.

This wierd looking machine was built in 1946 ,Lake County CA by a fellow who was fabricating custom equipment for hospitals.
The drop tank is aluminum 300 gallon. It could be a P-38 lightning tank.
It was used as a daily driver into the fifties. In around 1964 the owner was giving a grand child a ride, and hit a tree in his driveway. He then hung it from the rafters of his shop.

The next owner mounted it on a tilt trailer, it became a Lake County parade favorite. He would raise the front end, and exhaust a fire extinguisher for blast off!

The 1949 Triumph twin was installed sometime in the fifties.
Trans, wheels, brakes, fenders are Harley Knucklehead/Panhead.
Steering wheel is VW.
Controls, front axle, suspension, and rear swing arm are all home made. The gas tank is custom fabbed and sits behind the driver.

This would be a nice veihcle to drive to work during summer time!

14 juni 2011

Asphalt Telegraph by Christer Ehrling

The same day as Jokers started my good friend Christer got his new printed book from the publicher.

He brought a bunch of books to sell during the weekend.
I did ofcourse bought a book.
Not only because it got my hand pictured of the back side.
Only because This guy is a fantastic photographer.

Take a look at the videolink of christer leafing trough the pages.

If you are interested in buying a book directly from Christer email at:

Or buy one from www.adlibris.se

13 juni 2011

Jokers #8 2011 pictures


Jokers #8 was this weekend. To bad its over.
I had a fukkin great time this year. Alot of good friends, old and new.

We started our trip from Gothenburg with 6 harleys and me in my roadster.
we had good company from England. Jimmy, a really friendly guy from London who came all the way with his 48 panhead.
Mikey from team Smod had some problems with leakin gastank but we fixed it with soap. It almoust held all the way but in the end he was soaping his tank every 10th second but it still leaked alot. So we had to stop and take it the rest of the trip in a van.

Friday night was good , the weather sucked donkey boner, but instead everyone was totally wasted and Brutus played on the scene that night. Damn guys, you rock!!
The Phantom was out in the crowd this year as well. He even had a stand in for sathurday. Nisse from A -Bombers carclub took over his torch for the night.

The next day there was a great bike and car show during the day.
It was alot of bikes this year. from Deuthchland, england, holland, Finland and maybe some more. Damn there are good bike builders in europe.

my pal Peter ,the "little bit tired" guy on the last pic came with his white with red scallops 1936 knucklehead bobber.
A rare sight!

at the evening it was full party until early morning as ordinary.
Thanks for a super party this year boys and gals!

We had a sweet ride home on sunday with sunshine and nice wiew out my window on some of gothenburgs nicest choppers.

See ya at the Fücker chopper fest in july.