22 juni 2011

1943 Navy Knucklehead

How many of you out there have ever seen a 1943 F knucklehead?

I found this old girl in a garage somewhere in scandinavia.
It will be restored as it was as new. A navy knuckle.
The coolest thing is that the owner even got its original NAVY BLUE SPEEDOMETER!
how cool isnt that?! Not a thing you find at every swapmeet.
It will be painted navy blue and white as it was new. I dont think many of these navy bikes survided, even how many where produced in 1943?? If anyone knows , please let me know.

I have a plan for this machine..in my garage.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Great find indeed, That is the rarest of the Knucks mucho dinero (collectors will pay). only 53 E\EL and 33 F\FL Officially, I don't think there is an exact number, on how many civilian and how many military were built. At least 38 were civilian. You have a beautiful rare bike there. I hope this helps. Francisco from Chicago.

  2. http://oldbikesinsd.blogspot.com/ check out site Baltimore MD. U.S.A

  3. way cool, congrats on the find!