17 juni 2011

Belly Tank Trike

A sweet mix of two worlds: hotrods and motorcycles.

This wierd looking machine was built in 1946 ,Lake County CA by a fellow who was fabricating custom equipment for hospitals.
The drop tank is aluminum 300 gallon. It could be a P-38 lightning tank.
It was used as a daily driver into the fifties. In around 1964 the owner was giving a grand child a ride, and hit a tree in his driveway. He then hung it from the rafters of his shop.

The next owner mounted it on a tilt trailer, it became a Lake County parade favorite. He would raise the front end, and exhaust a fire extinguisher for blast off!

The 1949 Triumph twin was installed sometime in the fifties.
Trans, wheels, brakes, fenders are Harley Knucklehead/Panhead.
Steering wheel is VW.
Controls, front axle, suspension, and rear swing arm are all home made. The gas tank is custom fabbed and sits behind the driver.

This would be a nice veihcle to drive to work during summer time!

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