1 juni 2011

Stan "the ironman" Dishong & The Hog

The Hog was built in the late 50’s, based on a Harley with a 96 cui engine.
Stan built the engine himself, with double chain driven overhead cams, and a injector.
In 1958 he ran mid 9’s on the 1/4 mile, with elapsed times at 130 mph.
Back in 1965 he sat a trackrecord at Lions Dragstrip with a 147 mph pass.
Stan and The Hog was never defeated on the track, and he went on to win over 200 races.
Stan Dishong successfully ran his motorcycle business for nearly 30 years out of his shop in Vallejo, Ca.

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  1. Ja howdy thanks dude, nice story..See the full story and read all about it in Gasoline Magazine, and see the bike in person at NorCal KnockOut!!!