7 juni 2011

The Hidden 1937 Chevy

I had this old 1937 chevrolet Master a couple of years ago.
Found it in Norway , when I had a visit to a old man to buy a pair of NOS 1928 Ford fenders.

Funny story on this car. It was hidden for the nazi troops when they occupied Norway during world war II.
The owner dug a big hole in the ground then hide the car for the nazi troops who took all the vehicles they could find to move faster.
The car remain hidden until the 60´s then they took it back to suface and repaint the car blue. They drove it for a few years then put it into a barn.
There it was until I bought it. I didnt even want the car but the price was right and I was lucky enough to have all the money I needed in my wallet that day. I even borrow his trailer to bring it over to sweden!

I sold the car later and bought a ticket to Australia and surfed for 4 mounths.

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