5 maj 2011

1936 Harley VL 4 speed transmission

How many of you have ever seen a 4 speed tranny for VL??
found 2 of them in a friends basement a while ago.
He said only 80-100 of these option trannys were ever built.
I believe they a very rare.

The right is a normal 3 speed and to left a 4 speed. Its the mother of the tranny we are used with today.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I am familiar with the VL 4 speed and they are truly the "mother" of the Big Twin modern style 4 speed synchro transmission for 1936 and up machines. The shifting mechanisms was improved by a drum shifter rather than the Rube Goldberg style HD devised. The downfall of the VL 4 speed was the needle bearings on the counter shaft which seldom had enough lubricant to keep the needles from scintering and gaulling on the shaft. I have acquired some parts for these transmissions and have assembled a couple over the years. They require fastidious adjustments and serious attention to detail to make road worthy. Are they for sale, trade or available? Please respond to Tom at 717-626-1618 EST USA or tlf@hammercreek.com

  2. Hi, are the 4 speed one for sale? mahapharata@gmail.com