5 nov. 2013

Hop Uped 1932 65hp 21 Bolt Flathead

Was bored the other day and while drinking beer I dressed upp my boring original 1932 65hp flathead.

removed the original heads, intake and distributor.

Added my 1934 milled down and polished aluminum heads among a prewar Thickstun tall intake  with a pair of stromberg 97 carbs.
On the shelf I had my 1935 Scintilla magneto with original 21 bolt tubings for the wiring.
Topped my intake with a rare bird.
A NOS Scintilla generator for flathead V8! 
Now it started to look like a real hotrod engine.

Maybe I should restore that one and  use it in my -32 roadster after a long winther of restoring that rustpile?!

Anyhow, the engine still looks good standing on the floor waiting for its turn.
Damn these flatheads looks good!

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