5 sep. 2013

Dusters Time Travel Meet #2 2013 Pictures

A little late but here they are The pictures from the Dusters time travel meet 2013!

We had a blast this year, really good weather clear blue sky , perfect temperature and big bunch of cars and visitors!

This year we all in the club had  been working our ases of to get done in time with our rides.

I bought a restoered flathead from the states for my pheaton and blew the engine after 1 hour of driving,... had to redo the hole thing and was done with the engnine 6 a clock in the morning the day before we open up the doors for the show.  had to sleep a few hours and go back to the garage for a few more hours and work on the car, 10 pm I was readyto leave from gothenburg.. I had a hell of a ride.. but thats another story.

I came to borlänge 5:30 in the morning , slept for 2 hours and had som breakfast and left to tuna hästberg to open up the gates. we had a bunch of cars to get there as well I drove my pheaton first and them we had to go back an pick up Ronnies  32 roadster and 40 Merc. I drove the Merc!

Micke had a new built 28 AR roadster on deuce frame he and ronnie had benn working way to many hours to get the car running as it was just an empty frame and a rusty body..

He took his premiere ride at the night before the show.

And Sören had been working on his new 35 Ford pheaton.... what a ride!
Put on some skirts and a flipper hubcaps and throw away the top and you got the coolest ride on the block.

I start with the Friday pics and let them tell the story.


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