5 juni 2013

Undertakers& Bastardazd 2013 Pictures

I know Im slow as hell to upload pics nowadays..to much shit to do in my garage!

But I didnt have any thing to ride to the car and bike show so I had to ride my shitty renault all the way to the east coast.

I came early and not to many cars had arrived,.Dut during the day they  dropped in.

Spent some time at my byddy Robban Gustoafson ´s hotrod corner during the day  more pics from that to come. Luckely I got to ride a roadster, 65 impala conv, and a harley at the same day thanks to Robban,

but the Undertakers & Bastardizd 2013 it was a great party.
Looking forward to next year!

Here are some pics to enjoy!

                                           Norways answer to Justin Beiber....

                                  wy is Johan playing with his dick in the background during a fight??

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