3 apr. 2013

1932 roadster - Waiting for inspiration

My pile of junk of a 1932 roadster is just sitting in a corner , wainting for me to find the missing parts.

And for me to get inspration right now im lost. I dont know what style to build.

A clone of Doane Spencers roadster as it looked in the mid 40´s as I got the dash from that car?
40´s pure fenderless hotrod?
Fullfender late 40´s streetrod?
Early 50´s hotrod?  
With or without fenders?
What color?
What engine?...I know I will probably just use a flathead. I dont think there will be another option.
 I kind of likes my flatheads!

Alot of questions for now , but that That keeps me thinking and hunting for parts.

Damn I love the hunt!

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