14 feb. 2013

Prewar Thickstun Intake

 Bought myself this super nice cutdown  prewar intake made around 1937 -1941.
In late -41 Tommy  made the well known Pm7 intake.

But this one must be an early cast as most of these intakes I have seen the logo is in very bad shape, I think the sand casting didnt work as good back in the late 30´s.
This  intake is in mint shape of the logo, just I wish it still had its tall necks.

Vic Edelbrock set record with his 1932 roadster in 1940 with an Thickstun intake like this one!
but that was a highrise.

I really like the early highrise intakes.

If someone out there has an uncut intake  or any other higrise flathead intakes  for sale , send me an email!


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