26 feb. 2013

Lee Speed Shop

Back in the days you had alot of different flathead intake manifold producers.
One of them was Lee speed shop. One of the earliest of speedshops then. Here is an old sales add from Lee.
What I understand he took over the pattern from Tommy Thickstuns First prewar intake and just
added Tornado on top when Thickstun made his new better Pm7 intake back in late 1941.
Thickstuns intake was a 7 inch highrise intake but was also sold as cut down,
The Tornado intake was made low and sold with separate risers!

Here is a link to compare the looks of a  cut down Thickstun intake I have.

Funny thing is in the bottom you could buy restored chrome stromberg carbs back then for 12 bucks each! And holly 94 carbs for 17$.
Its a little more expensive today! 

If anyone knows of a intake or stacks for sale, send me an email to: Flatheadroadster@gmail.com

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