5 jan. 2013

Getting my 1932 roadster home. Part II

She is home.
Yesterday I got to go and pick up my roadster!
This has been a long journey for her. I bought her from North Dakota. The seller drove the parts down to my good friend Ken Walsh in Forth Dodge , Iowa.
I just realize that it took exactly one year from that I decided to buy the car, that was in 2012.01.04. I picked her up in Sweden at 2013.01.04!
I woke up early this friday morning and of course it rains as hell.
Not a good start for a pick up but i was in a good mood.
My old friend Christer Ehrling helped me out to load the car on the trailer and push the hole ting inside the garage.
Then I had to start opening up the box. Time pass by fast I didnt remember what the hell I put in the box, so it was more or less christmas time for me opening up all boxes to find good parts.
And it was parts all over the garage and still is. I have to take a couple of more days to get everything put away so I can walk around there again.
Before the day was over I had to make a mock up of the body to see what would look like. I big pile of junk , but it is an original 1932 roadster with a good title.
So I am glad I have something to work with. I bought a new floor and subrails from brookville as the original is in very bad shape. The car will probably sit for a few years and wait for its turn to get restored.
But I looking forward to start!

I want to thank all of my friends that helped me on the way with this project.
Ken and Zach: without you guys I would never had succed!!

 Thank you for everything!

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  1. Hello,
    I'm looking for original OEM 1949 PanHead cases with title.
    Can someone help me?