23 dec. 2012

1949 Panhead Chrome Chopper Project

X-mas came early to me!
Yesterday I got two packages from my buddy Mike from Blottoparts blog.
I have bought the last big missing parts for my bike. A 21 stepped star hub wheel and a old chromed Triumph ribbed rear fender!
I was like a kid on x-mas morning when I got my packages. had to rip them open fast as hell to put the parts on my mockup.
Funny thing was all mounting holes on rear fender worked on my Lebeef sissybar and the mounting to the oiltank.
And Beef: Mike says hi to ya!
I had a brand new avon ribbed tire to mount on the 21 wheel and now I can feel that im reaching the end of finding parts to my project.
I bought myself a set of 3 5/8 cylinders a while ago and in the beginning of next year im going to order a 4 ½ stroke crank for it. Looks like I might have this fucker running til summer!

Thanks Mike for sending me good parts to Sweden.
Check out his blog at: http://blottoparts.blogspot.se/

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