2 okt. 2012

THE Doane Spencer Dash

Here is some pics of one of my greatest car parts I own or ever will own.

What you see here in the pics is the one and only original dash out of Doane Spencers roadster. This dash hasnt been in the car since Spencer teared his car apart around 1950 for the Carrera pan america race.
Last picture is an old color picture from 1947 where you can see the dash as it was in its prestine condition. Its from the book birth of hotrodding.

The car was never finnished for the Mexican carrera race as it was no more after 1954 because to many people died from it. Spencer sold his car to Lynn wineland in 1956. He never got it running but sold it to Neal East in 1969.
Neal gave his word that he had to keep the roadster black and Ford powered.
I have spoken to a good friend of Neal and he told the story that Lynn found and gave Neal the dash as it was original to the car. Neal didnt want it as he allready had a new dash in the car and sold the then rusty engine turned dash at LA roadster show swappmeet in very early 70´s.
Story after that is gone but im trying to get it and will in the future...I hope atleast I do!

It ended up in my collection a year ago.
I have  collect allmoust every gauge as it had from the beginning. 2 3/8 backmount curved glass gauges!
And tomorrow Im leaving Sweden to the states to pick up a original 1932 roadster body and frame and the plan is to build myself a clone of the car BEFORE Spencer took it apart.

More to come.

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  1. That's some seriously cool chit.
    The DS roadster is hands down the best.
    Lucky you will have your own!