17 juli 2012

DUSTERS Time Travel Meet 2012 Pictures

#1 Dusters Time travel meet was last weekend.

My brother Ronnie and some other dudes fired up what we all have been waiting for. A billetproof car show in Sweden.

It was located in an old folks park in dalarna. Pre 1956 vehicles and no modern shit.
I was chocked over what kind of cars we do have around us. The quality is extream in my eyes. Such nice cars!

I had borrow an 36 flathead engine from Ronnie the same week as mine broke when I got to Gävle to visit my parents before the show.

as soon as I got my roadster back in working condition I drow up to Ronnies house and we started working on his unrestored 1932 roadster to get it back out on the road. As you all know when you have to be done with something you allways work until the last minute. we drove of his house with 4 roadsters and a 32 5w and in company of a replica of Stu hilborn´s streamliner on a trailer!

We came to the park at friday afternoon and upened up the gate for visitors.

Sören , one of the Dusters members was going to play with one of his bands on sathurday and they played a bunch of tunes for us during the night. The feeling was great. A park built in the early 20´s filled with hotrods and live music. It cant get much better then that.

During sathurday cars came dropping in and filled the hole park! This was a first time ever event so its hard to know how many that would come but cars came duing the hole day and it was a succsess.

I had a new experience during the weekend to. I had the opportunity to drive the Hilborn streamliner out of the area and try it on the road.. I cant explaine it in words but FUCKIN HELL!! that was awsome ride.
My legs was shaking for an hour after the drive ,had way to much adrenaline in my body. I just have to drive that ride again..Im getting back later with more details about this ride.

It is hard to remember all details from the weekend as I had such a great time in good company of nice rides ,people and live music.

Yeah just take a look at the pictures and see for your own eyes. click on the pic´s to see them in a bigger format. See the details!

Next year is going to be a hell of a party! Im looking forqward to that.

Nice work Dusters! You guys rocks!

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  1. Looks fabulous! I'll be there next year!

  2. very very cool pictures of what looks like an incredible event

  3. Perfect, one day i'll make it over for this and the old style weekend! Harley