13 maj 2012

Thickstun Heads For My Roadster

Changed the heads on my roadster yesterday.

I have been running the original 99 cast iron heads for 4 years now. Time to make a change.

A while ago I found a set of rare heads. Thickstun cast iron heads. A pair that should not exist. They where all made in aluminum. The Thickstun heads are rare bird to find and here I got a set of the what I think is the pre cast for the aluminum heads.

I started a thread on HAMB about these heads and there I found out there was another guy having a set of heads aslo cast iron but they where not like mine. They look exactly like the aluminum heads with Thickstun Los Angeles my does only have thickstun on them. As we now today these are the only two sets known to exist. Speedway bill wanted to buy the other pair from the owner for his collection of speed equipment but he said no.

Long story short. I had these on the shelf and thought my roadster needed something new for the season so I put them on my car.

Next thing to fix. I really need to build myself a set of headers.
They look really good on the car, looks like they have been there since new.

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