2 feb. 2012

Belly Tank For Sale

Found this belly tank for sale on ebay.

Damn I want.....NO... I need a belly tank in my garage!
But 210.000$ for an old record holder from 1963.. No I dont think so.
Maybe someone out there also need to own a belly tank, hey man , bid for your life on Item number: 320840045982

Here is some info about the racer:
Don Johnson and Shipley B-Lakester #48-B (45B 1964) belly-tank holds a number of Bonneville National Speed Trials land speed records such as the 1963 B-Lakester 255.501 MPH (taken from Tom Beatty, car #100B) and 1964 A-Lakester at 263.350 MPH. Car is not runnning condition. It's just disply. chassie is not good enoght to run. have early hemi( do not kno w original from 60's or not). have CAE In & Out(good condition), halibrand quick chang(many weld, no internal parts), 18" divco rear wheel, 1963 two trophy with one timing tag, original gas tank, original fire wall, super nice hand hammer air cleaner, 671 blwoer, large two port hilborn. no gas/cluch/brake pedal. no drive shaft. original body need some miner paint and body work.have windshild. some magazine, phots, letter & etc.... Jim summers made body and charge $2,500.00- at 1963.

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