2 jan. 2012

Harley factory race machine from the 30´s

I have visit an old man a couple of times. In his basement stands this Harley.
It has an VL frame and it looks like it is a VL enginge cases, but check out the engine serial number. MXK 2525 does not sounds like a normal bike.
even the heads are different. Dual exaust is a killer!
Take a look at the springer. it´s a hybrid. It got´s the VL ibeam legs but the top part and front leg of the fork is J or JD.I have only seen this fork on some pics on internet before. This is the first I seen live. Might be the only one I see aswell!?

In the moment I took these shots I must have looked like a retard, standing there with a open mouth and didnt care of anything else exept how cool this bike are.
I forgot to take a pic of the hole thing ,cought in the moment I only took pics of details. Maybe next time I visit there will be more things on this bike.

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  1. Only seen one of the one year only JDH springer(it's sleeping in a friends garage) in real life but it's a fucking sweet springer. Ps. And for the people that have no life's at all might have seen one on a very sweet crocker.