13 nov. 2011

Mercury 1940 top chop and conv. to a convertible

My good old friend Ronnie has this awsome 1940 Mercury coupe. He can ofcourse not do like most people do and build it as a Matranga Mercury.

He´s gonna convert it to a Convertible with a carson top.
Inspired by a Mercury Sam Barris once built.
Ronnie has very good connections in the US and A, and found a windowframe and part of the cowl to convert his coupe. He also found the reinforcement for the floor and frame from the same wrecked convertible.
This man works fast. He spent a few nights after work and cut of the roof and fitted the windowframe and chopped it 3 inches aswell. This project will be fun as hell to follow. I will get more pics during the process.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Good work, Ronnie! This will be a great one.

  2. Hi, could I ask a question about the Merc? I have a 40 Mercury coupe that I would like to turn into a carson top car as well. Did you guys reinforce the floor of the body, to keep the body rigid, after the roof was cut off? Could you tell me what you did, if anything?
    Thanks, Chris Casny.
    Please email me at prewarhotrod@gmail.com