12 okt. 2011

Hildebrandt Lasalle to Ford flathead bellhousing

Yeah! I have bought myself a new transmission to my roadster.
last year I had a Lincoln Zephyr gears but they got broken. 9 teeths fell of!

Now I have a regular 1939 flathead transmission , but that sucks.
My new project is a 1937 Cadillac LaSalle one year only allready converted to fit in a 1932 Ford frame. I first found the tranny , and as usual it is hard to find them,its harder to find a bellhousing that fits Ford flathead V8. I found one at ebay a couple of weeks ago. A real Hildebrandt!

I got in the mail a day ago. Now I only have to wait for my tranny to get home from
US and A. It still sits in my friend Zach Suhrs garage. Next season will be way much interesting.

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