1 aug. 2011

Roadtrip to Corners corner.

Last thursday after work we took our rides and hit the road up to Hedemora.
We met up at Sissybar To start our journey ,just ride a few hours to get out of town.
Everything went smooth until my generator broke down, fuck where to get a new one a thusrday night.. lucky me, I had a spear one behind my seat that I had forgot about. 4 minutes later I was back on the road.

We nearly came 300 km before the clutch on Lindas panhead started to skid. We stoped at a hamburger resturant to get som light to work in. After a while her bike was fixed we just needed some gas the we where back in business. Exactly at that moment my headlight wires was on fire. I can tell you its not a good idea to ride down the freeway without headlights. after a while we set up a camp in the forest. Sebastian and peter longhair fixed the tent, Richard ,Mathias and I started a fire.
we had some beers and whiskey before we hit the sack.
Next day was sunny as hell and we continue our trip to Hedemora.

We arrived at Hörnet A K A Corner, there was allready some guys there with their choppers, 11 of the coolest choppers in sweden was at the same party!We had some coffie and home made cookies. After that Corner took us for a ride around the area. Really nice Nature and skinny dipping in lakes. During night time we had lots of beer.

on sathurday we drove down to Mooneyes Rat Fink Reunion. Stayed there for a couple of hours then drow back home to corner for some beer and dinner at a resturant.

I met lots of new friends during this weekend, I have never felt so welcomed into a house as I did here. Corner , YOU ARE THE MAN. Thanks for inviting us all to your home. Hope this is a upcomming tradition.
Thanks to the guys I made this journey with,
Mathias,Linda,Peter,Rickard and Sebastian.
Best weekend ever.
This is brotherhood, friendship, love.

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