6 apr. 2011

Stewart Warner tach angledrive





I got a problem.
Now I got 3 stewart Warner tachometer angle drives. They are all for the flathead V8 but they are all diffrent in small details.

Now I need to figure out which is what and when.

The FIRST one I got hand of sits on my roadster today.
it has a bronze bracket with casting# 103314T and is a short bracket. And the bracket on the angledrive was diecast. The SW angledrive had ID# 649 - L .500 V8. The keyhole is square.

The SECOND one has both brackets cast in bronze. And the angledrive is mounted upside down. the big bracket got casting# 103314M and are much longer then the first one. And the SW angledrive ID# 649 BY .500 V8.
The keyhole is shaped as a key.

The THIRD has a diecast bracket with casting# 103314T(shorter) and the angledrive bracket cast in bronze. this unit has been together atleast since 1956 when the guy I bought it from removed it from his 1929 roadster.
The SW angledrive got ID# 649 - L .500 S11.
the keyhole is square.

I also got one N.O.S SW angledrive with ID# 649 AD .500 H11.
this got a key shaped keyhole.

Anyone out there knows what years these are manufactured. I gues someone of these are older then the other one.
But it would be very intresting to know.I guess the third one is oldest. If they are made for diffrent flathead V8 engines 18 , 99A/T, 59ab , 8Ba and so on. If any on the world wide web knows anything,send me an email at Flatheadroadster@gmail.com

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