25 apr. 2011

My chopper project

2 days ago on my birthday I got a crome oil tank for my chopper from Fjus.
Thanks man!
And a week ago I found a really nice Triumph rear fender I need to get cromed.
Today I made a little mock up of some parts in my garage.
Found a 1946 knuckle engine block under a work bench and some cylinders and heads from a panhead in my shelf. Now I need to find a set of patina up sweeps and cromed type dixe muffler for panhead.
Later a 1952 EL panhead will fit the frame. Dont know yet what kind of saddle I want, but I will figure that out soon.

Right now it just hangs on the wall, waiting until Ill find the rest of the parts.
I hope I can start build it this winter.

I am still Looking for:
Old cromed oem kicker cover
old cromed hummer tank
old cromed oil pump
old crome clutch arm

2 kommentarer:

  1. thanks for the nice bbq this saturday, see you later man!

  2. You are welcome man! Thanks for showing up.
    There will be more garage bbq this summer.