3 apr. 2011

Mercury Monteray 1950

This is a rare car made in about 800 in 1950.The regular mercury coupes where made in 151489 cars. This was the first year of the monteray,a car made to get more publicity to the mercury company.They realized they could never get a hardtop model as the other companys so they dressed the roof in canvas, made some new emblems and a different steering wheel.

When you ordered a new car in 1950 you could get it in blue with blue roof, red with black roof or like this one black with yellow roof. In the catalog they had a white with black roof but it never got in production.

This car belongs to my good friend Ronnie here in sweden.
He has owned this car since 2005. It still got its original black paint and its original leather interior. super sweet untouched car.

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