21 apr. 2011

Banjos are for hillbillys

My good friend Pål Torp in Norway got himself a very nice 29/32 roadster and soon it will be out on the street. But the fuel line is not what you wanna see on a traditional period correct hotrod. Banjo fittings are not correct my friend!

Last week I made him a new fuel line made of copper and brass. sent it by mail to Norway. Yesterday I got these last two pics on my cellphone from Pål. No words needed.

2 kommentarer:

  1. He he. Sure are happy about the pipes you made me Martin. THANKS a lot my friend. The modern Banjo shit's been sitting there since we test run the motor after putting it together. I hated them. NOW I got what I need. They will have gas in them sooooon.

  2. cool roadster man!! im just starting on my new one too!28's on 32 frames rule!