6 mars 2011

Hell bent lunatic with Mercury convertible

One of the most crowd pleasing drivers prior to World War II was Crazy Cy Clark, a youngster out of Miami, who could kick up the sand and thrill the spectators to the max. Following a Beach-Road race in 1941, the following appeared in the newspaper write-up convering the race.

"Cy Clark is a hell-bent-for-leather lunatic. Clark, a fiery Miami madman, stomped his heavy foot on the gas pedal and neer let up except when he pulled into the pits to have his tires changed.....The gyrations of Clark's car at the North Turn defy description. The maelstorming machine skidded, bounced, swirled and took off but it never turned over although it seldom had more than two wheels on the ground at the same time."

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