28 feb. 2011

Where it all started - Harley Davidson

In this shed is where it all started.
The Harley-Davidson Motorcycle started its life in Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1903.
At that time Bill Harley and Arthur Walter Davidson built a one-cylinder motorcycle.
This motorcycle was well built and they ended up selling it.
They were now in the motorcycle business.
They continued to build motorcycles and by 1908 they had built 154.
Around this time William Davidson joined the company and it wasn't long before they had 20 employees and a new factory.
In 1909 Bill Harley took on a project to built a V Twin engine.
It turned out to be a 1000 cubic centimeter, 45 degree V twin engine producing seven horse power. This 45 degree V twin became one of the most recognizable symbols of the Harley-Davidson. The bar and shield logo came in 1910 and is still with them today.

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