16 feb. 2011

Indian hillclimber

First time I saw this photo was in Rodders journal, 2007.
Joe Lingrey was a theenager during the the post war era,and was one of few who had the money to both race his own hotrod and had the skill and equipment to take photos of the speed trials.
This photo is taken when he was 18 years old in 1949.
These are his own words about the picture.

"I carried my camera everywhere in the trunk of my -32 roadster. One day I ran across this guy riding his Indian motorcycle up a steep cliff wall at an old dumpsite in southwest Los angeles.
I couldnt believe what this guy was doing with his heavy flathead indian. He repeted this feat again and again. Thank goodness,because it gave me an opportunity to catch him completly suspended in the air before wrestling his machine back to earth.
One of the main things I remember about this hillclimb was the sound - the roar of his flatheadmotor echoed from the hillside cavern.He would dash up from the pit into the air with his bike, then back down to earth with his flathead motor still popping.
Where is this Indian rider today? He may still be alive today about 80 years old - If, ofcourse he survived stunts like this!"

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