3 feb. 2011

1952 Oldsmobile series 98

I proudly present:
My dad and his 1952 Oldsmobile.
He bought this car in Las vegas 2006 the plan was to go to Viva Las Vegas rockabilly weekend with it. But the engine broke down and we had to take our rental car instead.
In august/september the same year, he got the car on swedish soil.
he restored its original Rocket engine, and he bought an Edmunds 2 deuce intake that I polished for him.
For the moment it sits in his garage waiting to get new paint.
Emerald green and black!

So I publish these pics on my blog so everyone else can see his beautiful car and maybe kick him in the nuts if he doesnt start working on it soon.

Come on dad, hurry up. We need to get this baby back on the road!

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  1. Now that is a nice ride. Kepp pushing senior to finish it or just ride it the way it is.