16 dec. 2010

Flathead block acid dipped

Had my flathead block for acid dipping here in Gothenburg. It looks brand new after the treatment. Finally I can start build a new hop up engine to my roadster.

This is a old hotrod engine from a 40 Ford De Luxe coupe. built in late 50´s as a hot rod. The car it self came to sweden in early 1980´s and someone stole the heads and intake from it. I traded this engine and everything else from that chassie for a chevy smallblock 307. I think that was a good deal!
When I took the engine apart I saw it was a 1940 99T block filled with Jahns pop up pistons , a Weber F 5 cam , johnson adjustable lifters and relieved.
Somewhere here in sweden there is a set of useless machined heads exept if you have pop up pistons...I wonder where they are...

Hopefully after the I have taken it to the machine shop for resurfacing I can start rebuild this motor so it will roar this summer. more to come.

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