30 okt. 2010

Project -29 Pheaton on -32 rails

Finally I have started my new project. Last year I bought a complete 1929 pheaton project , sold new In Sao Paulo ,Brazil.

Im gonna use that body to put on a original 1932 frame built up as a late 30´s hotrod, parts I have collected for years. Using original 32 rear and front end first year hydralic brakes -39, -32 transmission -34 21 bolt flathead V8 with Tommy Thickstuns first highrise intake manifold, produced somewhere between 1936-41.

This week I spent 5 hole days in my garage. I painted the frame, changed all buschings used in a front end and assebled it all. Looked over a perfect rearend and put it all together as a chassie. last two days I rebuilt the -32 tranny.

next I will restore all brakes and paint the wide five wheels Im gonna use.

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