13 juli 2016

Dusters time travel meet 2016 info

Its time to open up the gates to Dusters ttm #5 on friday 15th.
we open the gates at 12 a clock.

if you need to get in contact with us

Email at: Dustersinfo@gmail.com
or 0708931286

adress to find the ttm:
Landsvägen 101
78199 tuna hästberg

Also go  buy the latest edition of  Gasoline magazine and read the article from last years ttm #4

see you all at friday 15th!

/Dusters Crew

29 apr. 2014

1971 Plymouth Van

Awesome looking van. Someone spent alot of hours making it.
Wish this bastard was mine!

13 apr. 2014

21 mars 2014

Spekeröd SwapMeet tomorrow

Tomorrow is the 4th Spekeröd swapmeet.

Be there between 10:00-13:00.

See ya all tomorrow!

20 mars 2014

Burns Prewar Flathead V8 Intake

A while ago I bought this prewar intake and sent it to my good old friend Zach where i collected a pile of parts to ship home to Sweden.

A few weeks ago a big package came!

This is a rare intake you dont see very often.

I found some old adds in Throttle magazine. Btw, worlds first hotrod magazine from 1941!

After my reseach Burns aluminum foundry made 3 versions of their intake.

My intake is the 2nd version from mid -41.
In the early numbers of Throttle you can find the 1st version in adds but I have never seen anyone for real or in a picture.

The 3rd version I have also found in an old add and it is a postwar intake.

8 mars 2014

Sleeping Problem

Who does recognize himself like this??
Thinking what you need to do instead of get some sleep.

Spring is coming closer and closer and as usual you are never done with everything you should have done during the winther.

My -49 chopper and -28 roadster still needs shitloads of attention.

Time to start do some garage work.

31 jan. 2014

Galen I Huvet MC Swap Meet Tomorrow

Dont forget to go to Galen I huvet MC swap tomorrow.

See ya all there!

24 dec. 2013

19 dec. 2013

Harley Davidson Wall Art

Is it only me or do you guys want a wall like this in your house.
Damn good wall art!

17 dec. 2013

Stu Hilborn - Another Legend Has Left Us.

Another legend has left us.

Stuart hilborn, a pioneer of hotrodding has died of age. Stu became 96 years.

If your unaware of what he brought to our world, his mechanical fuel injection system was introduced to hot rods by influence of aircraft he saw during his service in WWII.
Injection was already wide-spread on diesel motors, but Stu engineered and converted it for use in flatheads running on methanol in the early post-war years.

Hilborn explained: “Running carburetors with methanol was a constant problem.
The methanol reacted with the pot metal in the carburetor and turned into a white powder that clogged the jets; so there was no venturi effect, and you lost power.”
He used surplus military aircraft pumps and his own homemade nozzles to strike the perfect balance of fuel to air for each cylinder. While racing and developing his fuel system set ups to 140 mph in 1947, Stu rolled his minimal-protection streamliner, injuring his back badly.

He promised his mother he would give up racing, but the injection development continued.
To prove the systems efficiency, Stu had Howie Wilson run his repaired streamliner to 150 mph at the lakes in 1948, becoming the first to hit that benchmark with a one way pass of 150.5 miles per hour. By 1952 Hilborn injection was running at Indy, and the rest is history.

Rest in peace, Stu Hilborn.

13 dec. 2013

Best Engine In The World - The Vagina

Happy friday 13th .

10 dec. 2013

HjulÖppet LeBeef & Bosse Jensen

This sathurday 14th december my friends LeBeef & Bosse Jensen runs a open house in Beefs shop!

Open between 10:00 - 15:00.

See Beefs Bornfree bike and allways good to meet Bosse and look at his fine art!
The Juxtapod will also be there!

4 dec. 2013

Time to wake this fucker back to life

Way to much time has passed without keep PlanetMotherFuckers

With a crashed life , crashed computer , and my harddrive  crashed with ALL my picstures over the years.

Its time. Time to rise up from the dust and try to keep this wheel spinning.

So for fucke sake!

7 nov. 2013

Drop Tank and Pushcar

Damn cool picture of a droptank pushed by a chopped -40 Mercury.
Let it eat some dust!

5 nov. 2013

Hop Uped 1932 65hp 21 Bolt Flathead

Was bored the other day and while drinking beer I dressed upp my boring original 1932 65hp flathead.

removed the original heads, intake and distributor.

Added my 1934 milled down and polished aluminum heads among a prewar Thickstun tall intake  with a pair of stromberg 97 carbs.
On the shelf I had my 1935 Scintilla magneto with original 21 bolt tubings for the wiring.
Topped my intake with a rare bird.
A NOS Scintilla generator for flathead V8! 
Now it started to look like a real hotrod engine.

Maybe I should restore that one and  use it in my -32 roadster after a long winther of restoring that rustpile?!

Anyhow, the engine still looks good standing on the floor waiting for its turn.
Damn these flatheads looks good!

28 okt. 2013

Dusters Flyer 2014

Here is our new preflyer for next year Dusters time travel meet!

30 sep. 2013

My Fully Crome -49 Panhead Chopper

Yes once I had a chrome panhead frame, I was fuckin stupid enough to dip it and remove the chrome for a -49 pan bobber project I was working on at that moment.
Corner in Sinners was upset when I told him what I had done.
 He said things like you did must "stävjas" I dont know what that means but it doesnt sound good.

I regret it the same moment I did it, Thought that this frame would be great on a awsome patina chrome chopper.
I started building a bike in my head.

Started with  an old chopper frame I had laying in the barn. Hung it up on the wall and started collecting parts for the mock up.
I had an RL I-beam springer and a set of chrome 18 inch wheel an old chrome gastank.
My dad used the same tank on his chopper he had in the early 70´s. a friend of mine gave me an chrome oilbag. borrowed a right knuckle engine case and had some cans and heads for a mock up.

This was the start for the totally chromed chopper. added parts as I found them. a old crome tripple tree for risers a white bates , Lee clutch pedal and a repoop Triumph rear fender.
It started to find its self but still to less chrome.
 After a year and a half I took it down on the floor as I had found a good -49 pan case ,chrome linkert M74 with an old Roth chrome aluminum aircleaner that had been bolted together since atleast the early 70´s!

I aslo changed the style on the exaust. made it narrower together.

Still needed more chrome as the bike I had built in my head.
Started with a borrowed VL chrome springer it made the bike look good.
The hunt was on,
I found a good old  z bar.

More parts found its way, my way.
A old chrome rear wassel fender , white Beck grips to match the Bates saddle, white kick pedal and brake pad.
A set of chrome Superior pipes, the chrome -37 knucke camcover ,21 inch front wheel with an stepped hub just like i wanted it. And ofcourse an patina chrome VL Springer.
And the last missing main piece.
The sissybar.
Made by my pal LeBeef. it was on a knucke Nicke svensson had I he let my buy it!
Now it starts to looke like an old chopper. 

But something was missing.
A fully chrome chopper needed something I had once the thing that I removed the chrome from!!!
The frame.

I started searching for another frame. And I found one!! In Tennessee.
 From an old chopper that used to have a knuckle as its heart.
some ripped the heart out and took the good parts and left the frame...for me!

A few weeks ago the frame arrived to Sweden. and it was PERFECT!

So I had to rip my mockup appart and change frames so it would be complete.
The more parts added to the new frame , the more my dream bike came to life.

I was stunned as I could see my bike I started with 2½ years earlier in my head now stands in front of me in my garage. A fully chromed patina Chopper.

The Sissybar that Beef built had an real glas eye in it.
My plan Is to put one of my grandpa´s old glas eyes in it so my grandpa can keep an eye on me while im riding free.

The chassie is all there, at the moment Lindblom a good friend of mine is rebuilding my tranny and im waiting for Totte in Sinners to do the machining on my pan cases so I can add my 4½ stroker crank in it.

Here is a result that dreams might come alive If you just want something. Work really hard and you will get there!

They say , chrome wont take you home. Fuck that.
Chrome will bring me whereever I want!